Polly’s Gun

Many of you were interested in the gun that Polly used. The gun in the film is an exact replica of the revolver that was used during the time of Polly’s adventure.

The Colt Army Model 1860 is a muzzle-loaded cap & ball .44-caliber revolver used during the American Civil War made by Colt’s Manufacturing Company. It was used as a side arm by cavalry, infantry, artillery troops, and naval forces.

It had a six-shot, rotating cylinder, and fired a 0.454-inch-diameter (11.5 mm) round lead ball, or a conical projectile, that was propelled by a 30-grain charge of black powder ignited by a copper percussion cap that contained a volatile charge of fulminate of mercury (a substance that explodes upon impact). The percussion cap, when struck by the hammer, ignited the powder charge. When fired, balls had a muzzle velocity of about 900 feet per second.

Polly carried this revolver during her adventures and it saved her life many times. The revolver was given to her daughter, Bonney, after her death but has never been found since.

The revolver in the film is an exact replica of the original gun.

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