Cinematic Book Trailer

We are thrilled to announce the completion of a cinematic book trailer for Polly.  Staring Paige McKenzie (Hunting of Sunshine Girl) as Polly and Mercedes Rose (The Haunting of Sunshine Girl, Train Master, Hope) as Siobhan.  We will have the public screening of this fantastic trailer on February 8, 2014 at the Hollywood Theater in Portland, Oregon.  The filming of the trailer was on the original Davis ranch which included Polly’s original homestead. Besides the trailer, you can take a look at some BEHIND THE SCENES FOOTAGE at:


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Behind The Scene Slideshow

Take a look at this amazing slideshow that captures a BEHIND THE SCENE look into the making of the Trailer.



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Entering The Dalles

Illustrations of Polly

Many people have asked about the Illustrations. All of us are very excited about these wonderful illustrations capturing the emotion of the Books timeline. Bayani Pasig, an artist in the Philippines, created the illustrations. The Author provided backgrounds photo’s that were given to the Artist to create the illustration. These locations were familiar to Polly during her lifetime. The barn scene was from an actual photo of the interior of a barn that was built by her husband, Layfette, during the 1870’s that still stands today. The illustration that shows Polly overlooking a valley was from a photo taken by the Author overlooking Tygh Valley and near the old Barlow Trail that pioneers traveled during the late 1840’s. The illustrations depict Polly during some of her adventures and are represented by the artist anime style. These illustrations bring colorful and vibrant graphics to the character.  The artist, Bayani Pasig, is known as “Artauxeo” at Deviantart.

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