A Polly fan for life

I received this book through the goodreads first-reads program, I really enjoyed this book and fell in love with the strong female characters. It’s the story of a woman (Siobhan) visiting her father before his death and finding the journals of Polly, as she started reading them, she realized it was the story of Polly’s life starting on the Oregon trail. It starts with Polly losing her mother and having her father marry a horrible woman with an even more horrible son. It was a book of survival, despair, revenge, and conquering your past. Siobhan realizes in the end she has more in common with Polly than she ever realized. I really enjoyed the illustrations in this novel, and I loved that as a series book it still had a conclusion. I can’t wait for the next one to come out. Definitely a Polly fan for life.

Amanda Fite….

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